September 22, 2021
  • NACEX will help to extend the AECC's campaign messages and activities to raise awareness about the disease, and will join forces to face it by means of prevention, support, and research.


NACEX, Logista’s express parcel and documentation delivery company, has signed its first collaboration agreement with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), which is part of the company's commitment to health promotion and cancer research. 

According to the agreement, signed between Manel Orihuela, General Director of NACEX, and the AECC, chaired by Mr. Ramon Reyes, NACEX will help to extend the campaign messages and activities undertaken by the Association to raise awareness about relevant aspects related to this disease. In addition, it will contribute in order to pull together to fight cancer on the basis of prevention, support for patients and families, and research.  

Manel Orihuela, Managing Director of NACEX, is proud of the collaboration agreement: “We are very happy to announce this alliance, which is a new opportunity to continue protecting and promoting health in society as a whole and among our collaborators.” 

Thanks to this collaboration, NACEX will organize a streaming event on its YouTube Channel (, on September the 30th from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., with Olga Muñoz, Head of Physical Well-being and Dietitian-Nutritionist at the AECC, who will offer a talk on healthy lifestyle habits, to promote cancer prevention among its employees and in society in general.   


NACEX's Commitment to Society 

Throughout its more than 26 years of history, NACEX has shown its firm commitment to improving its environment by collaborating with various social causes, many of which are aimed at health promotion and medical research. At present, the field of health has become even more relevant in the context of a healthcare crisis that has highlighted the difficulties that many people are going through.   

Among other collaborations, NACEX has long supported the Josep Carreras Foundation, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, the Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases, Ronald McDonald House, and the ASDENT association’s fight against the rare Dent’s disease.



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NACEX has a fleet of over 1,600 vehicles and more than 3,000 collaborators, as well as a network of 32 hubs, over 300 franchise offices in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, and more than 2,200 points in Spain and Portugal. 



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About the Spanish Association Against Cancer

The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) has been the flagship institution in the fight against cancer for 68 years. It is in its very nature to be close to people, so its work is aimed at helping them prevent cancer; being with them and their families throughout the whole process of the disease when diagnosed; and improving their future prospects by promoting cancer research. Today, it is the social and private entity that allocates the most funds to cancer research: 79 million euros in 400 projects, in which more than 1,000 researchers participate.   

Organized into 52 Provincial Headquarters, and present in more than 2,000 Spanish towns/cities, it can count on almost 30,000 volunteers, more than 500,000 members and nearly 1,000 professionals. During 2020, the Spanish Association Against Cancer has attended to 105,196 people affected by the disease. @aecc_es en Twitter. Facebook/Spanish Association Against Cancer. Instagram/aecc_es