May 29, 2020
  • The company bets on a green solution to the Covid-19 crisis in Spain

Logista joins the more than 200 signers from the political, academic, business and social fields, who have joined the manifesto to promote a green economic recovery, through an economic stimulus package based on sustainability criteria.

The reconstruction that is presented in the manifesto is based on three fundamental pillars: digitalization, decarbonization and resilience. These pillars are aligned to Logista's global strategy as the company is highly committed to protecting the environment as shows its efforts to ensure the sustainability of its operations through management emissions and climate change control’. 

The initiative, which has been promoted by the organization Ecology and Development (Ecodes), the Spanish Group for Green Growth, the ecological organization SEO / Birdlife and by researchers from the Elcano Royal Institute, the Basque Center for Climate Change and the Polytechnic University de Madrid, advocates moving towards a "more prosperous, sustainable, healthy, inclusive and resilient society".

Like the 'Green Recovery Alliance', this local initiative is supported by the Green Deal of the European Commission, a roadmap for European companies and which seeks to tackle the climate emergency, as well as, to achieve economic or social sustainability.

Logista, as the founder of the Spanish Group for Green Growth, considers that this alliance is key to generating a sustainable and lasting model, specially for Spain, since our country offers the ideal conditions to take advantage of this strategy given its optimal climate for the development of renewable energy; its natural capital; its industry and the energy transition process, which is already being addressed from all political, business and social areas.


About Logista

Logista is the leading distributor in Southern Europe. It regularly serves over 300,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Poland, and facilitates the best and fastest market access for a wide range of convenience products, electronic recharges, pharmaceuticals, books, publications, tobacco and lottery products, among others. Logista has a team of highly qualified professionals comprised by 5,900 direct employees and over 15,000 collaborators, focused on providing the most efficient service to its clients and adapting to their needs.