Logista has developed a unique distribution network in Southern Europa, with wide presence in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, distributing some 250,000 points of sale

In Spain, the Group has 16 central and regional warehouses and over 428 service points, from where serves some 150,000 points of sale


Plataforms and service points in Spain
Distribution of tobacco products Operations are organized through regional areas and delegations, that every delegation has a cash&carry shop or service point where tobacconists may acquire the products. 
Distribution of convenience products Logista provides manufacturers and points of sale with a powerful convenience products wholesale distribution platform in Spain.

Every Pharma's platform is authorized by AEMPS (the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) to distribute pharmaceutical products and as a Partial Manufacturer and Manufacturer of Medications under Research, and are in strict certified compliance with European and Spanish GDP (Good Distribution Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines in Warehousing, Distribution and Partial Manufacturing matters.

e-transactions Logista is a pioneer and leader in distributing electronically rechargeable products and services. 
Transport Logista is one of the leaders in the transpor sector thanks to Nacex, its parcel and express courier firm and Integra2, its temperature-controlled capillary transport network, both in Spain and Portugal; and Logesta, its subsidiary specializing in long distance and full load transport management in a European level.
Distribution of books

Logista Libros centralizes its activity in a 56,000m² area platform at Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara).

It is most likely the largest and technologically most advanced library in the Iberian Peninsula. 

Public sector Logista distributes fiscal stamps, postage stamps and other official documents in Spain, as well as transport cards for tens of urban and metropolitan transport entities, both physical and electronic rechargeable cards.
Distribution of publications Logista Publicaciones is the leading distributor of periodicals, collectibles and magazines in Spain.