Integra2 is the benchmark in temperature-controlled capillary transport of pharmaceutical and food products in Spain and Portugal, due to its full and certified cold chain maintenance throughout its service, with real time physical and thermal traceability, as well as its accredited fulfilment of the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) guidelines

Logesta Logesta is the Logista’s subsidiary specializing in long distance and full load transport management for high value products and under controlled temperature, with full coverage in the EU and peripheral countries, like Russia and Morocco.

Logistadis is the Logista’s subsidiary specialized in wholesale distribution of convenience products.

Logistadis allows points of sale to complement their main offer and improving their sales and profitability with a wide portfolio of products and services adapted to the point of sale and its end consumer, such as smoking and tobacco-related items, stationery, confectionery, food, technology appliances, etc.

Logista Libros

Logista Libros provides the books’ publisher with a comprehensive distribution service, while becoming the referencing supplier for points of sale. It also provides distribution services coming from e-commerce, including B2C, distribution platform and buffering warehouse related. 

Likewise, Logista Libros offers a new integrated on demand printing and distribution service in collaboration with Lantia Publishing, making disappear the concept of out-of-stock book, by producing and distributing even one single unit on the readers’ demand, even of out-of-stock books..

Logista Pharma

Logista Pharma is the leader in pharmaceutical distribution to hospitals and primary care centres, adding its growing presence in distribution to pharmacies.

Logista Pharma adds value to its clients throughout every stage of the supply chain, providing laboratories and pharmacies with high added value and differentiating distribution services, like automated orders taking, “Order to Cash” service for billing and collection from pharmacies, etc.

Logista Publicaciones

Logista Publicaciones is the leading distributor of periodicals, collectibles and magazines in Spain.

Logista Publicaciones provides publishers and points of sale with industry-customized specialized services.


Nacex is the Logista’s parcel and express courier firm, and the leader in its activity segment in Spain and Portugal.

Nacex has a fleet of over 1,600 vehicles and more than 3,000 collaborators, as well as a network comprising 31 platforms and over 300 franchises in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Strator (Spain)

Logista has developed country-customized POS Terminals, basing on its market experience and profound knowledge.

The Strator POS Terminals’ services and superior technology provide a global solution for managing points of sale, helping the retailer in optimizing its business management and profitability.