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Logista is a pioneer and leader in distributing electronically recharged products and services, particularly in the mobile phone and public transportation industries in Spain.
Logista offers unique advantages thanks to its own multi-product platform, allowing it to adapt to the clients’ needs, always ensuring an optimum quality and high value added service.
The company is therefore the ideal partner to launch and market e-rechargeable products and services.
Logista is the leader in the distribution of e-recharges for the prepaid mobile phone as well as for public transportation in Spain.
The company has gone along with the main mobile phone operators in their technologic evolution during recent years, evolving from a model based on distributing physical cards to an electronic recharging system.
Logista has also gone along with the main public transportation Consortia and Entities in Spain in their technological evolution tending to reduce physical cards.
The company has pioneered services based on contactless chip technology and continues extending its leadership with paradigm cases such as the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid, the Transport Consortium of Bizkaia, the Transport Consortium Network of Andalusia or the various transport entities in Valencia, Seville and Pamplona.
Also, it is constantly extending its portfolio with new electronic products and services.
  • Services
Logista provides the point of sale with additional profitability by implementing a new business line consisting in marketing electronic products at the point of sale, such as phone and transportation products, etc.
Logista offers recharging possibilities for all mobile phone operators, as well as recharging cards to phone abroad. It also issues prepaid coupons with a code, allowing the customer to buy on those websites the brand has an agreement with.
It also provides recharges for transportation cards and “bonobuses” (bus passes) in those areas where available.
Logista’s Customer Service Center is available from Monday to Saturday.
  • Technology
Logista has internally developed an electronic recharges platform to market electronic products at the point of sale. In fact, Logista has pioneered the national implementation of contactless chip technology in the sales, recharging and validation systems of transportation cards.
Logista has a Point of Sale Terminal that may operate under 3 different technologies, according to customers’ needs.
·         Fixed line – using the outlet’s conventional phone line
·         GPRS – using a SIM card under Movistar, Vodafone or Orange coverage
·         Ethernet – using an ADSL connection
Furthermore, Logista has its own electronic recharge website.
  • Products
Phone operators
Operadores moviles.PNG
VMO (Virtual Mobile Operators)
Rechargeable cards for international calls
Cards for international calls
Prepaid coupons
Descripción: J:\4 Comercial\MARKETING TELEFONIA\Fotos\Logotipos operadores\PaySafeCard\logo_paysafecard_blue_RGB.JPG 
  • Terminal (TPoS)
Logista’s terminal is compact, versatile and simple to use.
It becomes a key element for the point of sale to exploit this new business line by marketing recharges for all mobile phone operators, cards intended to call abroad, issuing prepaid coupons with a code to buy on websites the brand has an agreement with, recharging transportation cards and “bonobuses” (bus passes) where available, as well as new products and services to be introduced into the market
Descripción: J:\4 Comercial\MARKETING TELEFONIA\Fotos\Fotos Máquinas de recarga\Atendidas\SAGEM Monetel Azul 1_ Aclarada.jpg 
Versatility of the Point of Sale Terminal allows for expanding the products and services portfolio offered to customers in a swift and simple fashion.
·         GPRS / Fixed line / ETHERNET systems
·         Direct recharge of the phone (by introducing the phone number)
·         Recharges for all network mobile phone operators
·         Recharges for VMO (Virtual Mobile Operators)
·         Recharges amounts: from 5€ to 150€, in 5€ multiples
·         Possibility of daily control of recharges made
·         Possibility of viewing the billing at the tobacconist portal
·         Customer service to solve any doubt or question.
  • Web
It is now possible for the point of sale to recharge through Logista’s website in a swift and simple way.
More information and access code are available by contacting the province Delegate.